It is all very well to be able to write books, but can you wiggle your ears?

News stories that sound like unlikely thriller plots

I often scour through the newspapers for interesting stories which one day might inspire a plot in a future story. This week has offered up some amazing real-life stories which sound like they’ve come straight out of a novel.

Firstly, the Telegraph reports the story of an impossible situation for detectives in Marsaille. A serial rapist has attacked six women in the area, agend betweer 22 and 76. The women have identified the alleged attacker, but there’s a big problem for the investigation. He’s an identical twin. And the victims can’t identify which of the two dunnit. And in terms of the usual methods, a DNA test can’t distinguish between them. Both men deny the crime. You couldn’t make it up.

And if that story sounds like it should be printed on the back of a dust cover in Barnes and Noble, then the media reports about Christopher Dorner read even more like a thriller plot. A navy reservist is thrown out of the LAPD, apparently disgruntled about corruption and racism within the force. He kills the daughter of the lawyer who represented him, unsuccessfully, at his disciplinary hearing. He kills another man too. He writes a manifesto and goes after another person names in it. Police spot him and give chase, he shoots at their squad car. One of them later dies. Later, hiding just fine minutes away form the headquarters of the national manhunt, he takes two hostages. One of them gets free and alerts the authorities. He flees into the woods for what will be a final showdown. What happens next is unclear, but after a single gunshot, he dies in a huge blaze which burns the building to the ground. Is that Hollywood on the phone?

Then today, an asteroid passed the earth and a meteor slams into russian soil, rocking buildings, sharding glass and injuring five hundred people, according to reports.


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