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The Fat Controlfreak – a response from First Great Western

When I blogged about The Fat Contolfreak last week, I promised that I’d post First Great Western’s response. Well, today I received an email from them:

Thank you for your e mail of 8 March 2013. I was very concerned to hear that one of our colleagues didn’t provide you with the service you expected when you travelled to Swindon from London Paddington on 7 March on our 20:00 service.

We expect everyone representing our company to be as helpful as possible at all times. There are times when we can’t meet every single request, but we will always aim to offer the highest level of customer service and to try and find ways of making your journey as easy and pleasant as possible.

The Train Manager may have been sticking to the rules as your ticket conditions may have stated that you were only allowed to use the specified service from London Paddington to Gloucester and not transfer to an alternative service. However, a little discretion, considering the circumstances could have been applied as it is obvious you were just trying to get home.

I have reported your comments and you can be assured this will be followed up.

If you would like to forward me a copy of your journey tickets I will look into whether we could offer you a Rail Travel Voucher as a gesture of goodwill for your experience.

Thank you again for bringing your experience to my attention. I do hope that future journeys with us will be trouble-free.


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