It is all very well to be able to write books, but can you wiggle your ears?

God Help the Cardinals

Catholic Cardinals prepare to vote for a new Pope.

Pray for the cardinals, locked away with no health and safety monitor.

This afternoon, as the world watched the Vatican chimney stack for signs that a new pope had been chosen, I spotted a flaw in the time honoured tradition of papal revelation.

The cardinals are cut off from the world, and locked in the building. In this modern age of Health and Safety, surely someone should be responsible for their wellbeing? What if there is an actual fire?

One carelessly discarded incense holder, an unattended alter candle, or a deep fat fryer with a broken thermostat could wipe out the higher echelons of the catholic clergy, while the world looked on haplessly, arguing about the colour of the emerging smoke.

Next time the world chooses a new pope, we should ensure there is a panic button installed and connected to a “Help, we’re on fire” neon sign attached to the famous chimney stack.

I originally posted this idea on a great website for writers and thinkers called halfbakery.com. If you like silly and creative ideas, you’ll get your fill over there.


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