It is all very well to be able to write books, but can you wiggle your ears?

An open letter to London’s summer tourists

An open letter to London’s summer tourists. Advertisements

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Today seems like a good day for my favorite Mandela quotes.

Today, I’m thinking about Nelson Mandela, a great leader, skilful orator and eloquent writer. 1. “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or … Continue reading

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Four Things Which Shouldn’t Make a Difference When You Sit Down To Write But Which Inevitably Do.

Tight Trousers Honestly, writing a novel is like travelling long haul, except without the pina colada and friendly smile to greet you at the other end. Hours and hours of … Continue reading

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R.I.P Roger Ebert: 10 Movies He Hated

R.I.P Roger Ebert: 10 Movies He Hated.

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Angry military poetry. Grrr.

I was talking to a soldier on my BBC Wiltshire radio show last week. The topic had to do with how we look after service personel when they return from … Continue reading

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Why you never really lose ten percent in the second draft.

I’m in the middle of editing my third novel, Helter Skelter at the moment. I’m creating a second draft. So what does that mean exactly? Good question. A draft means … Continue reading

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God Help the Cardinals

This afternoon, as the world watched the Vatican chimney stack for signs that a new pope had been chosen, I spotted a flaw in the time honoured tradition of papal … Continue reading

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Cocaine for Writers.

Show me a writer that doesn’t want to be read, and I’ll show you a liar. Writing is hard work. It’s nearly midnight, I’ve done a full days work, come … Continue reading

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The Fat Controlfreak – a response from First Great Western

When I blogged about The Fat Contolfreak last week, I promised that I’d post First Great Western’s response. Well, today I received an email from them: Thank you for your … Continue reading

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The Fat Controlfreak.

Here’s an interesting fact. If you google FGW good, you get 611,000 hits. Search the same engine for FGW bad, and you get 2,140,000 hits. What does that tell us … Continue reading

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